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What is BigBang Games

BigBang Games is an open game platform for blockchain assets and applications.

What is BBGC

BBGC is the trading symbol of BigBang Games. AKA Big Bang Game Coin. This token is based on ERC20 smart contract that is applicable to its zoology, game operations and its network handling gas for the game utilities.

How to obtain BBGC?

Sign up BigBang Games client app will obtain the token with BBGC for free.

Can BBGC be liquidated?

BBGC is the token from the platform of BigBang Games and it is a digital asset. Currently it can be publicly traded on the international crypto exchanges such as FCoin, https://www.fcoin.com/, Hotbit, https://www.hotbit.io. They all have USDT trading pairs in these exchanges and it can be traded anytime.

Where is the company of BigBang Games?

BigBang Games is a game company registered in Singapore and it is totally compiled by the company law in Singapore.

Where to check the current news about the BBGC?

There are a list of news platforms that can be followed. As for example:

CoinMarketCap, Mytoken, FaiXiaoHao, and Coingecko.

What are the games in BigBang Games platform?

BigBang Games platform currently listed a quiz game i.e. The Survival Run. The platform will list more interesting mini games in the future.

How to play the The Survival Run in the BigBang Games platform?

There is a 15 second duration before the game started. When after the fleet started flying, the speed will increase from 1.00000X and it will get faster with the bigger digit. You can “Escape” and lock down the current speed at anytime during the flight. Your earning will be the current amount x Escape speed. When the later you escape from the ship the higher the earning will you receive.

Caveat: The fleet will breakdown or will be destroyed anytime before the “Escape” taken place and your quiz fund can be a total loss.

Does the BigBang Games platform provide a fair result?

Each game result from the platform is generated by the random algorithm. The generated hash values are transparent enough for players to have a better fair play environment.

Where to check the hash result?

Verification websites for the hashes:

[Hash Check ] Hash browser: https://app.bigbang.run/index.php/home/tool/index

[China wow Techbrood] Third Party Hash Check: http://wow.techbrood.com/fiddle/43388?vm=full

[Codepen] Third Party Hash Check:


[jsFiddle] Third Party Hash Check:


[jsbin] Third Party Hash Check:


[github source] Third Party Hash Check:


[github source] Third Party Hash Check Source Code:


[gitee src] Third Party Hash Check Source Code:


[gitee src] Third Party Hash Check Source Code:


Is BBGC the only token that can be played in the BigBang Games quiz?

BigBang Games platform supports all ERC20 contract based tokens and BBGC is one of the tokens. In the future more chains will be listed and made available for easy trading such as BTC.

What are 24 ships or nodes or crafts or fleets in BigBang Games platform?

The platform provide 24 ships (nodes) that can be liquidated by auction events. Each ship equipped with game tokenization by its population.

Does BigBang Games platform support third party game developments?

BigBang Games platform completely supports the third party game developments. It will reduce huge costs from the promotion and operation. That will ultimately increase the income from the developers.

What does it provide for the other blockchain vendors on this game platform?

The BigBang Games platform can create game application utility for other blockchain vendors and it hugely reduce the trading pressure from the exchanges and OTC.

What is BigBang Games platform’s Global Partners?

The Global Partner is to make that token to be used to develop and build the better platform. The platform profit will contribute back to the supporters.

What problem does it resolve from the this game platform?

BigBang Games platform resolve the assets security issues from traditional gaming industry. It resolves the liquidation issues from between different games and resolves the fairness issues of the competition games.

What is the value of the token BBGC from BigBang Games?

The technology of the blockchain on the platform consist of financial incentives which is sufficient enough to allow users to use DAPP products to play quiz and contests with increasing traffics and proliferating BBGC liquidity while the market price of the BBGC remains roughly the same.

How to keep the stable price for BBGC token to be listed in the exchanges?

BBGC as the token has no private sales in the secondary market, without candies and without short sale pressure. The foundation Singapore BBGC has 1 billion operation fund for business developments for the value of the token to be grown stably.

What is the total issue and the token scheme for BBGC?

The total issue is 10 billions. 45% for zoology, 25% for investment, 10% for the core team, 5% for consulting team, and 15% for corner stone. BBGC has tight control system on digital asset management and ensured a stable profit margin for each development stage.

What is the development plans for BigBang Games platform?

BigBang Games platform provides the blockchain content with centralised developments, operations, fusions, zoologies, buildings and investments as the core foundation. BBGC aims to becoming the leader of blockchain game ecosystem.

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