To building the profitable farming NFT contracts.

NFT farming builds off the concept of token staking and liquidity farming, with users staking native tokens to earn an additional yield through an NFT-based reward. Unlike traditional staking, which pays out the reward in the natively staked token, through NFT farming, users can obtain much rarer and distinctive yield…

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The small phase is over,

A great era is about to begin…

While scholars of science, technology and finance from various countries lament the advanced systems and technology of CXC,

CXC has moved on to higher peaks.

After dominating the mid-to-high-end market, CXC is about to enter a market that…

The new darwn discoveries

A small phase is over and a big era is about to begin.

When the technology and the finance scholars discussed the advanced technology in CXC system, CXC has been stepping forward for higher mountain.

After being a leader in the middle and high end market, CXC is about to cut into a broader ten-fold sinking market and gradually advance the technical support…

FAQ Session:

What is BigBang Games

BigBang Games is an open game platform for blockchain assets and applications.

What is BBGC

BBGC is the trading symbol of BigBang Games. AKA Big Bang Game Coin. …

ok My final verdict for this project I will write some remarks for their plannings and roadmaps. First of all, I have to give some credits on the Chinese version of the white paper. The paper is well written and well thoughts in plans but the executions team is weak…

According to the Arcblock interview with Mr Mao, he mentioned publishing all of their works in github on open source but the whole Arcblock will not be opensource. it seems he has a good spirit of entrepreneur. He is a researcher himself with couple years of experience in MS research…

I think iotex can have the late comer advantage in terms of solving privacy centric and scalability. its more advanced than iota. Still my verdict to their aggressive schedule to release testnet in April is way too challenging and it will most likely fail. giving the fact that they are still hiring for talent for the commitment of phd. its hard to see that he can hire people quickly for this kind of project. another issue is the resource allocations. he has no clear picture of how to operate his company resource in terms of research and other activities. seems everything is up on the air by talk. its highly speculative at this point. let wait to see the wave coming in the announcement of the testnet


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